Bringing together Startups, Investors & Lenders



We help entrepreneurs build high growth companies that transform lives and solve the pressing problems of today and tomorrow. We play a long term role in the journey of our clients through novel solutions and deep penetration in the venture ecosystem.
We provide client centric comprehensive financial solution as per the specific business requirement, to suite your Cash Flows and Growth Outlook.
We provide Startups access to Global Investors and New Age Indian Investors.
Long Term Debt funds to VC backed Startups
Equity Funds to Startups

We arrange Debt Finance and Equity Finance for Startups across following segments:

1) Consumer, D2C / Consumer Brand
2) E-commerce - B2B - Market Place
3) Financial Inclusion
4) Fintech
5) Healthtech
6) Edutech
7) Jobtech
8) Agritech

Consumer / D2C / Consumer Brand

With huge existing and growing Middle Class population, there is enough scope for multiple players in consumer segment in India.

Whether you are a traditional retailer business model from the manufacturer/ producers > to a wholesaler > to a distributor > to retailers > and then finally to a consumer OR D2C e-commerce, we can arrange funds for you to meet your growth and valuation objectives.

E-commerce - B2B - Market Place

We are still at the start of B2B Market Place revolution with many more B2B market place expected across the various industries, segments, languages etc in next few years. We at Express Rupya are well geared to help you reach out the industry specific investors and faster closure to meet your Seed level, Series A, B or C level funding needs.

Financial Inclusion

We can’t dream of becoming US$ 5 tn economy without the financial inclusion of millions who don’t have access to mainstream financial services. The reason could be anything lack of credit history, low or no education, lack of language skills etc. We at Express Rupya are committed to this segment to help the unbanked get access to financial products. We have access to various domestic and international social VCs and DFIs to arrange the long term equity funds.


India comes with a unique challenge of lower ticket size and higher distribution cost, which makes the delivery of financial products difficult to lower population of the pyramid. In the payment segment our Fintechs have done a great job and same is expected in other segments. We at Express Rupya are there to help you in your journey of exponential growth by brining in the right investors at every stage.


Nimble and Consumer focussed Healthtech innovators have the potential to meet current and future needs of Healthcare in India. In Covid 19 times we have experienced how virtual care has helped the country in coping with the healthcare requirement. For a country like India where population is widely distributed and its difficult to have healthcare facilities and manpower and each location, Healthtech is the need of hour.

We at Express Rupya are associated with venture capitalists, private equity investors, and corporate venture capitalists who understand Healthtechs focus, funding requirements and long-term priorities. In addition to funding, our investors also coach innovators and support them with industry and regulatory expertise.


Covid19 has changed the way people learn, work, and interact. This outcome is going increase the e-Learning consumption going forward. From Early Childhood to K12 and Vocational to Higher Education, new models and technology Edutechs are growing rapidly to support learners, parents, teachers and institutes looking to lower the cost and price of education at the same time increasing and accelerating the outcomes in the learning to work and up-skilling journey.

We at Express Rupya are there to support India’s Education Requirement by arranging the funding from investors who understand Edutech industry and its needs.


India faces a peculiar problem where Employers are unable to find employees and vast portion of people find it difficult to get employed.

If you are a company which solves this mismatch by putting candidates into jobs, then we can help you raise funds to meet your growth objectives.


We help enterprises operating in Agriculture Segment in raising funds. Our Goal is to help Indian Agriculture enterprises in getting best agriculture technology and process from across the globe.

If you are an Agritech Company helping farmers in reducing wastage, reducing fertiliser intake, market linkage, increasing yield or any other activity in increasing farmers income. We can help you in raising Debt and Equity Finance.